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Corporate & Group Events

Do you want to gather your friends and loved ones for a birthday, wedding reception or an overall terrific time? Maybe you are planning a networking event, kick off with your work or a holiday office party? We’ve got you covered!

It is up to you if you would like it to be a wine tasting event or as a simple as a selection of different wines for you and your guests to enjoy. We are here to help you personalise your event to your needs, all the way from 10-500 people attending. Find out more below and when you are ready contact us and we can start planning together – or let us know if you have any further questions!




Our bodega has been serving wines without pretension or snobbery since 1952. This authentic charm is something that everyone appreciates from the minute they enter – with 1000s of bottles of wine decorating the bodega as the cherry on top.

We offer private hire of the entire venue for up to 45 guests for a reception/cocktail style event. For both afternoon and evening bookings this is perfect for taking the team out for a celebratory event or a wedding reception for the people closest to your heart.

We don’t charge a hire-fee and are more than happy to work around your requirements.



Whether it’s an office party, launch party, birthday party or anything else – once you provide the venue and guests we will take care of the rest!

We will for sure bring the wine and any extras you are are in need of: glasses, staff and wine expertise. 

We are here to accommodate you all the way, providing all the wine and knowledge that you need for your perfect event.  



Ever wanted to host a wine tasting at home or in a private setting but didn’t have the insight or energy to conduct it yourself? Why not leave us with the hard work and let yourself sit back and enjoy!

Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party or other, wine tasting is always widely enjoyed! If you like whites, reds or if fizz is your thing we have got plenty of bottles ready to be popped. For team building events or groups who want a bit of a challenge, we have a plan for that too! We can organise games such as blind wine tasting challenges, which are always a hit.

No wine expertise necessary – we’ll provide you with the total package. Have a look at our existing wine tasting experiences or let us know your wishes and we can tailor your wine tasting accordingly. 



Do you have your event in order but missing the drinks for the happening? Look no further, we are here to help you select the perfect wines so that everyone will enjoy the drink in their hand. Either book an appointment to come to our bodega to taste and choose the wines yourself, or leave it up to us to create the perfect palette based on our wide knowledge from serving thousands of customers from all over the world daily. 

Let us help you make your event even more special by providing the fantastic grape juice that is wine!


Bodega Maestrazgo

Sant Pere Mes Baix, 90, 08003

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