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Wine-Spiration for Lockdown! Movies, Blogs & Activities to stay sane!

Wine Inspiration for Lockdown


Best wine-related entertainment and activities to get you through lockdown!


Let’s face it – Lockdown is $h*t. There is no way to sugar coat it, so I won’t bother. Families forced into close quarters; daily battles over who left up/down the toilet seat have now escalated into full-blown riots. Gyms, bars, restaurants, and cafes all closed overnight. And weeks later, cabin fever has well and truly set in for many of us. Schools have been closed, our respect for teachers is at an all-time high after attempting homeschooling for a week and realizing our children are actually incredibly annoying. We miss our friends, even the irritating ones, and the prospect of sitting on a terrace drinking a chilled glass of white wine seems a distant memory.

Our answer? Wine, of course! Because let’s face it – everything (really) is better with wine! And even if it may not change your current circumstances, it will most definitely make them a lot more bearable. Drinking wine all day, however, may not be the best option! (Liver issues / social services etc) So, for those wishing social distancing also applied to the family home, read on for some inspiration on how wine can help save your sanity.


Wine Inspiration for Lockdown. From movies to blogs we have you covered!


Get the popcorn out – It’s showtime!


There are so many great wine movies and documentaries out there to be enjoyed, on numerous platforms. Whether you’re looking for something light-hearted or something with a more depth there’s something for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started. Thirsty for more? Check out this great list by Culture Trip.



An oldie but a goodie as they say. This film is the classic wine-lover movie, and for good reason too. This rom-com drama sees two friends drive across wine country in luscious California, arguing and getting into trouble every step of the way. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll probably never drink merlot again. (Trailer below)


Sour Grapes. 

A must watch for anyone who’s ever thought fine wines are a load of nonsense! This true story follows the scandal of one of the biggest wine forgers of our time, Rudy Kurniawan. Watch as he mingles his way into the inner sanctum of America’s Wine Elite and auctions counterfeit bottles for prices that will make your knees weak. Watch Trailer



Ever wondered why so many Sommeliers are stuffy and pretentious? Because they worked insanely hard to earn that title. Being a sommelier takes years of study, commitment, and sacrifice. This documentary follows a group of young hopefuls attempting to pass the Master Sommelier Diploma and all of the highs and lows that come with it. If you think you may want to study wine one day, it’s definitely an eye-opener. Watch Trailer



Follow Some New Wine Blogs 


Wine Folly.

Want to brush up on your wine knowledge? If you are a visual learner, this great guide to all things wine will be right up your street. This educational wine blog is jammed full of great content; from articles to videos and infographics all designed to simplify the world of wine. Visit Site


The Wine Wankers.

If you love wine; but not the stuffy undertones, this is the blog for you. A tongue in cheek look at all things wine, with informative, yet humorous articles. From gadget reviews to interviews with winemakers and everything in between, this site is definitely one to help lift the mood during lockdown. Visit Site



This blog, which began as a personal project for wine writer Alder Yarrow is crammed full of wine news, reviews, tastings notes, and event coverage, there really is something for whatever the mood. It is one of the most influential wine blogs out there and is decidedly unpretentious – which we love! Visit Site


Fintan Kerr @ Wine Cuentista.

Here’s one a little closer to home for us, and one for the more serious of wine drinkers out there. Fintan is well on his way to be one of Spain’s next Masters of Wine and a regular at Bodega Maestrazgo. Between juggling teaching, judging and being a dad, we are not quite sure how he finds the time to blog – but he does! His blog includes everything from wine reviews, facts, and tips, whilst also digging deep into the production of wine. Visit Site


Nika Shevela @ Wine Alphabet.

Another one of our lovely regulars, Nika. And one especially for all of our female readers. Nika is a fierce young entrepreneur who helps her followers learn about the world of wine one letter at a time! Aside from her blog, she also runs weekly wine tastings and tutorials online and on IGTV. Keep up with her on her Instagram.


Wine Cuentista's Lockdown Selection

Wine Cuentista created his own special Lockdown Box of wine to explore. From unusual varietals to classic greats, all for €99. Check it out on our online wine shop. Delivery Worldwide.


Increase your Knowledge


With weeks of lockdown ahead of us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What better way to get through those hours of boredom, then to satiate your thirst for (wine) knowledge! You can never know enough about wine, once you think you’ve finally mastered a region, another new DO pops up. Our team is constantly studying, learning and researching. Whether you’re in the industry or a wine virgin, there are so many free online resources for you to pass the time.


The Rioja Wine Academy

We love this site! It is one of the best free resources out there. They offer a range of courses, for the wine enthusiast. They also cover the more commercial aspect of the wine industry, from marketing to wine tourism. Visit Site


Discovering Bourgogne Wines

Come on, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good Burgundy? We have been known to hoard many of these away in our secret wine fridges. This site was once only available to professionals, but now it is open to all. (Yey!) Brush up on your regions, appellations and key figures with this interactive course, which takes only about 90mins. Visit Site


Champagne Campus

Unfortunately, it’s no Cava campus, but hey who doesn’t look a glass of French bubbly? The program tests you with a few short questions to test where you would be placed and then offers a suggestion of the course path to take. Learn about the wine growing regions, vines, winemaking techniques, tasting and the history of what makes this famous drink so special. Visit Site


WSET Qualification

Want to get serious? Maybe, all of this time to think has left you wishing you followed the wine road less taken in life! If that’s the case, a WSET Qualification can give you the education you need to get a step on the ladder and land yourself a job in the wine industry, as soon as we can step out of the house. Many course providers offer courses online depending on where you are in the world! Visit Site


Get certified with the Rioja Wine Academy

What’s not to love about Rioja? Find out all about it and what makes this emblematic region so special.


Just for fun


Okay, so maybe you aren’t looking for something that requires so much brain activity. Maybe something just to lift the spirits and have a bit of fun? We get that! Why not try a few of these ideas, to get you moving, laughing, and maybe a little bit of sipping.


Tik Tok Videos

Come on, let’s be honest, how many hours of your life so far have you spent scrolling endlessly through hours of these funny clips? We know we have. So how about, finally doing one of your own. Take a look at these for some inspiration! Whatever you do… just please don’t spill any wine. We don’t want any bottles hurt during this quarantine.


Wine Tasting Parties with Zoom / HouseParty / FaceTime etc

Okay, so we know it’s pretty crappy that we can’t all be with our friends and family at our local spots, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy time together. With the increase in popularity of these great video conferencing apps, we can keep connected from the comfort of our own couch. Order some wines online, or pick-up from your local bodega and do a virtual tasting! We have lots of inspiration in our online shop, even a ‘Bodega @ Home’ Box. Perfect for those long evenings.


Wine Trivia Games

Best of all worlds – have some fun, learn some new things, and enjoy some wine. Everything in moderation, no? There are plenty of wine trivia games available to download and many more for online delivery, wherever you are in the world. They can be lots of fun and informative. Check out some of these we found online.


Decanter Wine Quiz

Wine Quiz Board Game

Wine Trivia Game on Amazon


So there you have it, plenty of ‘Wine-Spiration’ for Lockdown. We have also launched our online shop this month, so if you start to run low, we have you covered. Just get in touch for delivery and pick up options. 

Let’s all stay safe, mind each other, and we hope that very soon, we will see you all again in the Bodega for a glass of wine. Salut!


Love & Wine,


Spanish Wine Blog in Barcelona at Bodega Maestrazgo

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