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Virtual Wine Tasting Events

We live in a world today where friends, family and colleagues are spread all over the world. We manage to keep in touch but it is more difficult to enjoy events together with people that we are far away from, or for other reasons can’t meet. It is for this reason, that we have created our virtual wine tasting sessions.

It is so important that people feel connected and what better way to do this than to take part in a virtual wine tasting session. A private and team building event that is fun, informative and above all gives you an opportunity to taste great wines and feel involved!

Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party or other, wine tasting is always widely enjoyed! If you like whites, reds or if fizz is your thing we have got plenty of bottles ready to be popped. For team building events or groups who want a bit of a challenge, we have a plan for that too! We can organise games such as blind wine tasting challenges – we send all wines with labels covered or removed!… (no cheating is allowed!)

Contact us and we will help you create the perfect virtual wine tasting to stay connected and involved!

Private Virtual Wine Tasting Events



Choose your budget per guest (prices starting from €30/person – shipping not included). We select the best wines in your price range.

Private Virtual Wine Tasting Events Spanish Wine



We select the wines and deliver to all of your participants – in Spain and worldwide

Private Virtual Wine Tasting Events Barcelona Spain



Select a day and a time that suits you and leave the rest to us. All you need to do is log-in and enjoy!

We will send the wines which we will taste to all of your guests. We will then send an email invitation with a link to where the tasting will take place online. After logging in, we will begin our session by starting with a welcome vermouth. After that, we will take our time sipping and guiding you through the wines for the evening. We’ll teach you the basics of Spanish wines, regions, and grapes ensuring you log off with increased confidence in all things wine, and most importantly a smile on your face!

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