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Cultivare Blanco

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There are some wines that each and every vintage we adore - Cultivare is, of course, one of them! A beautifully fresh and bright wine, with elegant and subtle layers of complexity. Usually limited to circa 5000 bottles or less each vintage. Get this one while you can!



Xarel.lo is typically one of the main grapes used in traditional sparkling wine production in Penedes. It's high in acidity, freshness and lemon/citrus character. However, the winemaking process adopted by Domemech Vidal in Cultivare transforms this simple grape into something truly special. The wine is split into three parts - for three separate fermentations. One part in oak, one part in inox and the final part in cement eggs. The final blend of all fermentations is made to produce the vintage.



The balance is a fabulously interesting and rich white wine. Fresh and smooth, with great acidity, minerality, body, and complexity. Elegant and balanced, it has a long lingering finish with a slight nutty warmth! Definitely one of the best Catalan whites there is. A top pick.

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