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Hugo 2016 – Montsant


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Hugo Montsant could possibly be the BEST wine from DO Montsant we have ever tasted. A fabulous example of what great winemaking should result in. Old vines of Garnacha & Carignan create a fresh, balanced, and fruit-forward wine, with a great structure and a natural earthiness. Tiny production of approx. 600 bottles per vintage.


Small parcels of land, high-quality crus, and a variety of soils (clay-rich, chalk, and sand), of varying aspect and elevation, make for a selection of individual wines, rich in variety and personality. Hugo is an exceptional wine to savor. Incredibly suited to aging. Powerful and representative of the style of local wines from old vines. Production hyper limited to only two Burgundian barrels respectively Carignan and Grenache.


Hugo Montsant is an elegant style of wine; fresh with good levels of acidity, whilst remaining very balanced. Lots of bright fresh fruits, blackberries, a warm spiciness, and of course some balsamic notes, typical of the Montsant wines.

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