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St.Antoni de Scala Dei 2016


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One of Jose's favorite wines... not this year... or last year... but every year! A fabulous example of Garnacha, as close to perfection as wine can get! A wine produced from just one single vineyard, one of the oldest in the Priorat, vineyards that we know have been planted with Grenache for at least 350 years.


With this wine, we have recovered a winemaking tradition that had almost disappeared in the Priorat, which consists of using 100% of the stems and elaborating the wine in a traditional manner, using cement vats as was done by the Carthusian monks and later winemakers until the end of the 1970s. It is one of the wines which expresses the Priorat of clay and altitude.


Excellent Priorat, a fabulous expression, a beautiful aftertaste, as close to perfect as any wine could arrive to! It has indeed plenty of personalities, unaltered fleshiness of the fruit characters, spiciness, earthiness and a touch of vegetal. Enjoy 🙂

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