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Ultimate Wine Tasting Voucher

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Delve into the world of Spanish wine. Experience some of our favorite wines; from our favorite winemakers!

Tasting Experience Includes:


1 x Vermouth
1 x Cava

1 x White Wine
4 x Red Wine

During this tasting, you will get to taste, enjoy and learn about some of the smallest and limited productions wine sold at our bodega. Many of these wines are no longer available and some of the most fascinating and enjoyable wines we have ever tried! If you are passionate about wine – make sure not to miss this tasting, hosted by our owner Jose Moliner. (aka. The Wine Whisperer!)

What a Tasting Looks Like!...


Vermouth is served from the barrel at the front section of the bodega to start your Barcelona wine tastings. We will then explain all of the history of this famous local drink, the story behind the bodega & vermouth culture in Catalonia and finally, how vermouth is made and what makes it so special and unique!

A table will be reserved for you in the seating area of the bodega. Alternatively, you can avail of our private tasting rooms for larger groups or for those of you who would like a more intimate experience. There you will enjoy a selection of our favorite wines, which will be chosen for you. An explanation of all wines, their regions and qualities will be included in your tasting experience.

We know that the best wine is enjoyed when paired with delicious food! Which is why all tastings include food boards over-flowing with Spanish meats/cheeses/olives & bread… make sure you don’t have a big lunch.

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