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Spanish Sparkling Wine – All About Cava

It’s time to pop the cork on Cava Spanish Sparkling Wine!


Cava Spanish Sparkling Wine


Maybe you have heard of cava, maybe you’ve even tried some? But do you know how it’s made? Do you know that it’s made in the exact same method as champagne? Once you understand cava, you can enjoy it even more in all of its deliciousness!

We have made a great little video to help you understand all you need to know about cava! From where it comes from to the grapes that go inside and of course, the all-important aging process!


Cava Spanish Sparkling Wine Barcelona Wine Tasting


Not only that but the world of cava as we know it is changing. That change comes in the face of Corpinnat. A new group which will now encompass 9 incredible sparkling wine producers all within the Corpinnat brand.

Take a look at the video below to learn all about the sparkling wonders of cava.



Did you enjoy learning all about cava? Why not join us at a Cava Tasting to taste many different varieties and learn even more about the famous Spanish Sparkling Wine.


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