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Wine tasting reviews from our wine-loving guests, friends and clients from all over the world!

Wine is our passion… and passing on that love and knowledge to our friends, guests, and customers all over the world is one of the most enjoyable parts of our job.

We have been very lucky to receive countless reviews, testimonials and heartfelt notes from many people and groups over the years which we are so grateful for. It makes all of our work worthwhile.

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Fabulous Evening!

After reading the other wonderful reviews here, we organised a private wine tasting for our company team event. It was a decision we did not regret.
What an amazing Bodega with so much charm and a lovely atmosphere. You do not feel like you ended up in a tourist trap.
Lovely wines (poured very generously), delicious tapas (platters were refilled during the tasting) and Misty – friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very charming!
A must for wine lovers. Many colleagues have come back with praise for the evening and promises to go back.

From all of us at K2NE, thank you Misty and Jose for a splendid evening.
Prost! Gesondheid! Cheers! За здоровье! ¡Salud! Proost! Santé!


The Real Stuff


Sometimes you just start to wonder if you actually want to recommend a place because it will become even more popular and lose some of its authentic charms. However, this place is just too good not no be mentioned; one of the few bodegas left in the city offers wine and Vermut at very reasonable prices (between 2 and 4 euros per liter). Also, they serve a great selection of jamon and cheese, and have a good selection of bottled wines/cava from Spain. Great service too. Highly recommended if you look for that special place in Barcelona.

Little_Raisin – TripAdvisor

Amazing Wine Bar with Fabulous Friendly Atmosphere!


This little wine and tapas bar was an oasis in a sea of commercialism. The wine selection was fabulous, daily specials that changed each day and felt as though they’d been drawn from a library of fine vintages. If you like, be sure to buy it; it may not be available the next day. We especially enjoyed visiting with José; he was happy to talk wine and give us a lesson in Spanish wines. Do not miss this place!


Jody M – TripAdvisor

We contacted Bodega Maestrazgo Team in occasion of the opening event of a new floor in our coworking space.


Besides providing very good quality wines, they were highly professional in helping us with the organisation and customization of the event. Our guests were very happy with the products and with the catering service. The guys of Bodega were punctual, efficient and attentive to the needs of our audience.

Overall, we can say we were very satisfied with our choice and we will definitely collaborate again in the future. If you are organizing a company celebration, a professional networking or a large-scale event, we really recommend using their service!


Thanks again guys!

Aticco Coworking

Fabulous Experience!


We had a wine tasting for a group of business people worldwide who were in Barcelona for an international conference. Everybody had such a great time that the thanks rolled in for days afterward. Misty was such a fun and gracious host and had organised a perfect evening. The stories about the wine and the different tastings were just brilliant. Also Jose the owner of the bodega is such a lovely person and you can just feel the passion that they put behind their work. It is so wonderful to see people being passionate about their wine. And also the great food was being served as well. An absolute brilliant evening.

I have and am recommending this place to everybody who visits Barcelona. If you like wine and lovely people it is an absolute heaven!!!!!! Will be back!

Anita S. – Coniq UK


Can’t Wait to Go Back!


I love Barcelona and just found another reason to love it more, “Bodega Maestrazgo” I had researched shops to buy wine in Barcelona before my last trip. I wanted to find a place close to my hotel. The location that kept appearing in recommendations was Bodega Maestrazgo!

….After an afternoon walking through the streets of Barcelona shopping, eating tapas and drinking wine it was 5PM and time for the Bodega Maestrazgo to open. As we arrived there was already a line out front waiting for the shuttered entrance to open. In a few minutes the door opened. It was all we had expected bottles of wine on one wall and barrels of wine on the other and wine barrel tables throughout. We were met by a nice young lady, we told her we were looking for local wines to the region (red) that were currently not exported. We did not want to buy wines that we could get at home. She brought out several wines that we tasted and then explained and showed us numerous others. We bought eight bottles and left very happy. This place was great as was the assistance we received. We will be back in Barcelona next year and will most assuredly be stopping there again. I hope to make arrangements for being able to get a tasting as well as some cheese and meat to go along with it. Cannot wait, if you like wine this is a don’t miss location in Barcelona!

Sooner. Boston – Trip Advisor


We are gushing just reading these!… Thank you to all of our wonderful guests for your kind words! (And no, we didn’t ask them to write these after copious amounts of wine… although that’s not a bad plan!!)


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